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Make your message stand out

We make your message stand out

We are former journalists and, like all journalists, we enjoy telling good stories. But we do not like to tell dull stories, filled with jargon and unnecessary detail, because we want people to listen to us.

So we tell stories that are clear and engaging, using a simple but effective approach.

We aim to help you fill the gap between your communications needs and your available resources. This means we work to your budget, your deadlines and your needs, to make your message stand out.

1. Define your audience

We believe your audience should be your highest priority. So we start by defining your audience and we use this focus to design clear and targeted messages.

2. Clarify your message

We help you pinpoint core messages that your audience will respond to. These shape the story you will tell about the work you do and the people you are.

3. Tell your story well

We create practical and interesting outreach materials to get these messages to your audience.


It's as simple as that.

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We meet your specific needs

Some clients know their messages and just need a clear brochure or fresh website. Some want the full package. Some want strategies and some want actions. Whatever you want and need to get your story to your audience, within your timeframe and budget, we can help you.

Our services:

We also have loads of great contacts in the industry. So if you have an extra large project in mind, we can assemble a ready team of seriously talented people who share our mind set.


We work hard to remain affordable

Talltree was launched by a husband and wife team who met over bad pay, late nights and tight deadlines while chasing the big stories for newspapers in Europe. After years of covering both the important and the inane, we finally decided we could put our skills to better use by helping non-profits get their messaging straight and their stories heard.

We like to work with the big guys now and then but our passion is to be able to tell stories we really care about, so we work hard to remain affordable for cash-strapped charities and start-ups. We do this by keeping our overheads (and therefore our rates) low, we're happy to offer free advice and we pride ourselves on being seriously quick. We charge by the hour or project as you prefer, with big discounts for bulk work and charities.

Also, though our work could be called public relations, we are not spin doctors. We believe in transparency, honesty and fairness in everything we do, from our dealings with clients to the stories we tell on their behalf.


We understand non-profits

Though we have qualifications coming out of our ears, we believe our experience on the ground is more important. All Talltree staffers have worked in the non-profit sector for many years, both in the UK and Australia, for small charities, large international organisations and everything in between. We are experts in the specific needs and challenges faced by the sector, from winning grants, to satisfying donors, to reaching what can seem often like an uninterested public.

We have worked with a range of bodies, including:

We also have considerable experience in the media, working for national newspapers such as The Times, The Guardian, The Australian, The SMH and more, before we started Talltree.


Don’t just take our word for it

We are happy to say that we have great relationships with all our former bosses and clients. Here are a few reviews of the work we have done to help organisations make their message stand out.

  Delightful to work with, a great team-player and a talented communicator.
      - Olivia Klevan, former Head of Communications, Social Enterprise UK
  An all-round communications professional, who understands how to tell a story well, how the media works and how to navigate the politics involved in aid and development.
      - Jan Mattsson, Executive Director, UNOPS
  Wrote one of the best speeches I have ever heard!
      - Alenka Jelen, Rhetoric Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire
  Understands the complexities of the media and was a huge asset to our team.
      - Mike Leidig, CEO, Central European News
  Knows everything there is to know about all things digital.
      - Martin Bergholz, Head of Communications and Marketing, Nordea Markets

Let's have a coffee

At Talltree, we like coffee. We also like to step out of the office and away from the computer whenever possible. So if you would like to have a chat about a project, or even just get some free advice with no strings attached, put the kettle on, give us a call, and we'll pop over if we're in your vicinity.

Let Skype or WhatsApp connect us. Drop us an email using the form below and we can arrange an online chat to get to know your project and find out how we can be of help to you.

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